Friday, January 12, 2018

Davido's Crew Member Arrested at the Airport for Beating up a Custom staff

One of the members in Davido's crew whose name was simply given as "Kayode" has been arrested for beating up an official at the airport who asked him to produce his baggage tags at the airport yesterday, on an Emirates flight.
It was gathered that Davido who had arrived the country through an Emirates flight around 5 pm, had 17 checked luggage, which the aides refused to allow the officials of the Checkport verify with the attached tags.

Kayode punched the Checkport staff on the face, which attracted other security officials at the terminal who immediately attempted to arrest the aide.

But, rather than obey, he resisted arrest and pummelled another airport staff at the baggage claim area.

When he seemed uncontrollable, the security officials mobilized and forced him to a restricted area within the terminal known as "tango city." Tango City is a place where touts and unruly persons are detained within the terminal before being transferred to a police station for further a possible interrogation and possible prosecution.

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  1. these boys are just too bad fighting at airport imagine and he is a role model,I pity those parents that gave birth to them hooligans


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