Thursday, December 7, 2017

'How Bloggers Almost Killed me with Their Stories'- Omotola Jalade Says she Doesn't read Blogs (Video)

Lol! Omotola has revealed how God save her life, after she almost died reading gossip about her, According to her, she doesn't like to read blog, infact she vowed never to read any blog, Cos she almost died when she got addicted to reading gossip blogs, and seeing what people wrote about her.

In an interview with Gossip Nigerian the screen goddess revealed how she would always want to get updated with stories, and almost died each minute she doesn't read a news,.

She said;
' I dont Read Blogs, I don't Know what bloggers are talking about, There was a Time was i wanted to die, I Thought i would die, if i don't read blogs, Infact i defended it, I Said am an actor, so i should know, But then i got to realise that, I don't need it, I don't have to, I don't need to go over any blog to read, or respond, am not gonna die, and since then it has been the best decision have ever made..
She continued:
''The thing about Social media is that your not living yourself, And it ruins relationships, You husband says goodmorning, and you begin to write about it..
On a second thought, how did she know about happenings then, Like the Slave Trade and all?

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