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The Secret Behind Models by Ebiwali, Ex-beauty Queen Turned Blogger

 HEY there!! Am Ebi Wali 20yrs old Actress, ex-beauty queen, now BLOGGGER..
  We all know modeling but right now I’m about to tell you the truth that we are not prostitutes as they say but as vessels use to showcase hidden beauties. Modeling is a show business represented  by models through artwork, magazines, fashion, design, it is in this that beauty queens are emerged to represent the less privileged to give hope to the hopeless, to be a voice to the voice less.
Today beauty pageantry is seen as desperation or means by which young girls try to be connected, we’ve been taking for granted, we are the ones seen or pictured as less privilege trying to be privileged or catch attention,  this is contrary to what we are… how would u rather see us (models) when u have been brainwashed with these words, This is a total misinterpretation of what beauty pageantry really is, there are one in a million people that truly understand beauty pageants, what it stands for, how lives are changed through this… am a living testimony as an ex- beauty queen I know how many lives that are shining because of beauty pageantry, the less privilege that are privileged today… orphans that have hope today….this is what we do, we give people their lost happiness, achieving  is our priority…
ebi wali

ebi wali
    I joined modeling because I needed a name to complete what have always wanted to do, to give hope to young girls out there who are constantly harassed by these men, OH! Yes these same men that claims modeling is prostitution, But am telling u today that we are MODELS not PROSTITUTES, we stand for our right, we know what we do, when they try us and fail they call us desperate. But we do not care because we are here to speak up, to tell the world the truth, to let u YEA! I mean u know that we are not what they say we are, we are 

ebi wali

ebi wali
bold, elegant , irresistible, and above all beautiful with brains, how better would a man speak of a girl he can never have , they call us desperate we call it determination..
U see these men do not care about who u are but what u are, the name attached to u, that’s what they care about, that’s what they want to know, and when they get what they want they runaway to look for another fresh egg to break.. What is the use of a broken egg if it’s not to be thrown away and buy a new one, this is what they do break u at every slit opportunity and run for another, but am here, we are here to change that, that’s why they despise us. I have taken  it upon myself to change as many lives as I can and I know that as u read this u too can be changed, to let u know that u can get what u want and u still won’t give a room for harassment,
 Wining MISS AMBASSADOR SOUTH SOUTH NIGERIA as my first crown at the age of 17 was not hard as I was told it would be … 
ebi waliebi wali
 I had all it takes what I needed was to be bold…  a lasting smile and a bright face… after winning, that’s when I realized that the job was more than what I dreamed of or imagined.. u get to serve not to be served, u get to represent, u have to be ready at all times, to speak up always … as the saying goes beauty queens sleep with men to get money,  we don’t.  
ebi waliebi wali
Believe it or not we looked for sponsors to give what we promised to the society but we don’t give room for that, it doesn’t mean we weren’t asked of course as pretty girls it’s impossible or I’d be lying if I say we were not wooed but instead of making it seem desperate we are determined, so we make them friends, make them believe in us, believe in what we do, how we do it and why we do it, That we can stand on our own, we don’t depend on them…
Even after I got my MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL NOLLYWOOD 2015 title  as my second crown, I trained over 300 youths in partnership with these sponsors  in different aspects,
ebi wali
 With my company NOLLYWOOD TALENT DEVELOPMENT QUEST, i was wooed, infact some say they cant help if i won't give, so i bullshit them and i used my own personal money, worth over N2.2 million..  which i got from my blog, as of that time i was even using the blog for Private use.. To update only about me.. a blog that had over 3000 views on the day of launching,. 
ebi wali
 this is the misconception most persons have about modeling.. Not everyone has this idea. Not all can reason like this, Most persons don’t know what to do… when u don’t know where u stand , you’ll start listening to all stories that touches the heart, like my Boss (Barakumo Odede) would quote ‘’life as u see doesn’t give to u what u deserve but rather what u fight for. So before u decides to join the winning team u have to be different, determined and prepared. Ask your self is this what am called for?, am I ready to accept criticism.
ebi wali
   You see when i read linda Ikeji acquired a house of over N500million could you believe that i ''did not'' in quote have my bath the whole day... my friends were like ''na you born linda'' and i said you no go understand.. i was so inspired and happy, and said if she can do it i can and i will.. 
ebi waliebi wali
so Its more than been tall the brain matters most, having a talent is different from practicing it… just as 2face quote to be “civilized u don’t have to be educated” to be who u are meant to be and who u want to be is totally different … u can’t struggle to be who u are meant to be ‘’if only a Lion knows his own strength no man could control him’’ that’s it, just know your calling and wait sometimes it’s just not the right time for u to blow. While u are waiting patiently try and be prepared for success, don’t wait for it to come. 

I became this person under 3years, From My 17 years 2013 to 20yrs 2016..

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